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Update: Council and Megaera
Just a quick update on our progress.

We managed to kill Council in fairly good time, the fight isn't too bad once you get past the first few minutes. A good awareness and dps check though, the fight itself has been well designed I believe.

Megaera however, is a whole different kettle of fish.

This fight, certainly on ten man at least, is extremely aggravating. There is a lot of rng, sorry let me rephrase, a LOT of rng, that you have to deal with. This creates a pretty annoying boss, which requires a very good amount of dps and healing, not to mentioned has some serious tank damage.

We did eventually kill it last night however, so now we move onwards!

Our next targets will be Durumu, Primorius and Twins. All of these shouldn't be too tough to kill, and then we can move on to the really tough encounters.
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